Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja Metal Gear rising cosplay


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Hello its been awhile since I posted anything on this site but I have started building my Gray Fox Outfit which I hope to have done by Anime Expo this year. I am using the files that laelle has posted here as well as the helmet that Darkside501 unfolded. Currently I have the helmet pepped out and part of the torso complete. I am looking to finish the suit next week sometime to seal it. I am going to make this particular Cyborg Ninja build unique by doing the alternative colors you see after beating the MGS twice. Also the helmet will be motorized as well. I will post pictures as soon as I can. To make the helmet motorized I am planning on using an arduino uno and 4 micro servos. Any advice or guidance on the servo part would be appreciated


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I remember being hooked on MGS1 for ps1 and spending hours playing just to see the storyline in the clips in between.
Good luck with your build ! I'm curious to see the suit build.And many thanks to Darkside501 & Laellee for these files !
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