Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

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  2. Jedifyfe

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    Looks like they really mapped out LA in this one. I actually recognized a few!

    DARTH SABER Master Member

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    I wish they would revisit Miami for the next one.
    Vice city had some "similar" looking locations to Miami, but the the actual geography was wrong. Ocean Drive seemed to be the most accurate location.
    Anyhow, cant wait for this.
  4. Amish Trooper

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    I would consider getting a console to play this.
  5. robstyle

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    I would rather they did London. Who wants to bet the game wont come out for near a year?
  6. G17RDY


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    I've spent so much time of my life playing Grand Theft Auto games, can i really do another one......Yes..........yes i can!

    What do you think of a game based outside of the USA?
    Like Robstyle said, London would be a great choice, or even some other big city in the world.
  7. El Duderino

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    I'll pick it up for sure, these games never disappoint. I've sold almost every Xbox game I've owned, except GTA4. I'd love to see these games branch out to other countries, London would be great.
  8. BoozeBeGood

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    Man I can't wait for this!!
  9. Brien

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    Wasn't GTA2 set in London? This was before they went to the 3D graphics.
  10. robstyle

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    If memory serves the London GTA was an add on pack for GTA2.

    One thing that has always bothered me is why cant they make a zombie version of GTA? To date all zombie games have pretty much sucked or are on rails to where you must unlock something to continue. The one set in the mall was stupid. The GTA style and way things are layed out, random from thick to heavy to no pediatricians, bridges, police,,,, Its perfect for a zombie game.
  11. jlee562

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    Eh, I'm a little disappointed they went back to L.A. honestly...
  12. Zykotec

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    That is more or less what they did with the 'Undead nightmare' expansion for Red dead redemption, and yes, it works. It's the only zombie game I have ever liked, and the only one that could scare me since the original Resident Evil (but without all the annoying 'looking for the right key to this door' stuff....)
    So, I vote for Zombie DLC for any GTA version.
  13. robstyle

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    I played Undead Nightmare but it wasnt great. It veered off into the super natural too much, had "boss fights" and you couldnt swim, was very predictable... What * me off the most is the game was already over before I got the butterfly and rainbow crapping unicorn.

    The GTA setting works due to its real world style set up and environment. Just still speechless they have yet to cash in on it.
  14. NAZGÛL

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    It looks great. But please God, have a descent save system... I love GTA IV, but having to replay entire missions or travels when you die kills the fun for me. Im so worried about dying, Im not enjoying some great action sequenses. Red Dead redemption was better in that way.
  15. KevVader

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    Same here....I've always loved the GTA series from the top down view series in the '90s all the up the the Liberty City Stories, even though they've all been pretty much the same game. This one looks great as well....any idea of a release date?
  16. Werstrooper

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    Man thats weird, I just thought this same thing on the weekend.

    also try out Dead Island, * awesome game that one
  17. robstyle

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    I did look at Dead Island but it fails on many levels. It veers from being a zombie game and goes into supernatural, unlocking as opposed to open play..... Im certain GTA zombiepocolypse would be a simple conversion and expansion for GTA 4 and the new 5 series. The peds already go into attack when provoked, drive away scared, react when a weapon is aimed at them...

    This reminds me many years ago now when a friend was developing Syphon Filter and how easy a concept something is to tweak an existing product. GTA zombies is a goldmine.
  18. GrenadeKing

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    San Andreas had a cheat code like that. Made all the pedestrians violent. Was pretty good stuff. Just minding your own business and a horde of angry people start chasing you for no reason. All it was missing was the rotting flesh. :lol

    It could be a simple as adding "Zombie Mode" under one of the cell phone options that re-skins the pedestrians and removes the cops and traffic.
  19. Sundowner

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    A updated version of GTA London 1969 would be awesome! But a city full of zombies would be killer. (no pun intended, ok pun intended)

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