Graflex slide switch question...


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Hi all. I am about 95% done my first saber build, a Luke ANH Graflex saber. (I'll be putting a build thread up upon completion)

All the parts are reproductions, including the flash itself. Unfortunately, there is no slide switch on the side, like the image below.

I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to make something that closely resembles this switch.

Any ideas?


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Im in the same boat myself, Bought what I thought was a original Graflex turns out it may be a Graflex Reborn repro in bad shape. Cleaning it up worked pretty good. It is missing the slide switch. Ive made these before for hardware store sabers. I used 16 gauge metal cut and filed it to shape. Then I cut off a pop rivet real short keeping the rodin it and glued it to the metal. Lastly to make the indent just take the smallest a real small drillbit and drill into the metal not too far though. Not 100 % accurate but thats as close as i can come to it. hope this helps!


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That's more or less what I did years ago on a custom; sheet aluminum, a couple of washers with screw & nut to hold it together.