Graflex "Ears" question/source?


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Hey guys, several years back (pre episode 3) I bought a box of parts on ebay. It was fairly obvious that the previous owner had abandoned an ROTJ Vader Saber project.
The box arrived with the front end of a graflex body, minus the guts, "ears" button, eye... It also had a graflex clamp and some resin parts including a graflex button, some screws that appeared to originate from a Darth Maul saber, and the front shroud for an ROTJ Vader saber.
I made myself a sink-pipe ROTJ Vader and used the Graflex to fudge a halfway decent replica of Anakin's saber. It wasn't great but worked for the Episode 3 premiere.
I've recently started looking into buying replacement parts so I can bring it up to a better level and have found everything BUT the bunny ears. I have templates drawn up that I could potentially use to make decent copies but I'd almost prefer to buy a replacement.
Does anyone offer replacements or have some that they weren't planning to use?