GRAFLEX bulb clamp detailed pics

Fabian 71

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Hi guys I am in need of some HD detailed pics of the bulb clamp of (if possible) an original GRAFLEX Im going to make a new GRAFLEX replica in stainless steel this time.I made a Luke ANH replica before but i wasnt satisfied with de emitter part at all.
This time I want to replicate it the best I can, so I need pics of the clamp complete separated i mean every piece of it.Yes, I know it is very rare that some of you have the clamp completeley dismantled but I had to ask anyway.

*****, the detail you've captured is astounding. :thumbsup

Also, never seen that King Sol, pretty neat.
Hi I´ve been without internet sorry, I made a mold with an iron tube external to the brass copper lets say 38 mm internal diameter and an iron rod with the internal diameter of the brass/stainless steel tube, in the part of the bottom you have to get rid of a part of the brass tube thickness lets say 3 mm and 0,40 MM of the total thicknes and cut a brass circle of the interior diameter of the tube then you have to put this brass sheet in the interior and then fold with a hammer the thinner part where you retired the excess of material over the rounded brass sheet.
Sorry I hope this help I would make a drawing to explain better but now I have no time ... any other question pls contact me again good luck!!
I've added a bunch of color pix to the album.

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