Graflex Build with Reveal Crystal Chamber by Saber Concepts

Saber Concepts

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I have done a couple of Greflex builds in the past but I really want to do one that stands out this time. I also want to document step by step on how I am planning and making it. First of all a fellow RPF member sent me a Replica Graflex to upgrade for him. Next is to go into DEMO mode and take out the flash gun parts so that I can install the blade holder/adapter. I chose to go with the one from and it fits VERY well. I have test fit the adapter so far and that is as far as I have gotten so far. I will post progress pics as I complete the next steps. Here are some pictures of what I have so far.

Demo of the Graflex Replica:

Blade Holder/Adapter:

Graflex with Blade Holder/Adapter Parts Breakdown:

Test Fit of parts with a 1" polycarbonate blade:

Test Fit with Blade Removed:

I am going to end up ordering the shorter brass pins so they don't stick out as far. Well, that's it for now. I will update when I make more progress.
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