Gotham Rogues from Batman Dark Knight Rises

Have you looked at the Pittsburgh Steelers' website? I swear i saw them mentioned on the Pittsburgh news and it looked like someone was selling them. Since the some of the team are the Rogues in the movie maybe they have them for sale.
So at the day of the shooting, they were throwing these out to the crowds.

Unfortunately, they were only throwing them to the first 4 rows of seats and barely bothered to give shirts to people sitting higher up. Needless to say, I was a bit upset.

However, looking at the design I don't think it would too hard for someone to vector the design and make shirts en masse.
I redrew the logo the best I could from someone who was using it as an avatar on Twitter (see attached). Threw it on CafePress to make myself a t-shirt and shot glass. I tried my best to match up the Rogues font with something I had, but couldn't find the exact one.

theres a jersey too
Dunno if this will help but heres a pic of the 50yd line for when they were filming


Heres another shot with the field is torn up after a "certain" event happens


Heres a crappy small pic of Hines Ward in his Gotham Rouges gear with a semi full stadium

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Great Willie... NOW you post this! Hahaha... I had already started redrawing in Illustrator:


Was making a hybrid between the shirt and the logo from the field, but I'll tweek to look like thw shirt now...
Willie is :love

Pay attention! Good work...I'll take one :ninja

In a few hours I should have the cowboy image and the actual Gotham Rogues logo to scan for you.
Willie is :love

Pay attention! Good work...I'll take one :ninja

In a few hours I should have the cowboy image and the actual Gotham Rogues logo to scan for you.

D'Oh, I know that... I just looked at the name real quick, sorry!!!

Ok, well... here:

Now to work on the text... doesn't look like any font I know off hand. Might have to hand draw or alter an existing font...

Hi guys. New here. I was there on Saturday and tried in vain to get my hands on a shirt. If you do a run of these, would I be able to purchase one?
BTW, there were several variations of the shirt. Some said Gotham Rogues on them, and this one had the shape of a football on it
I was there too and failed to get a shirt.

Both me and my friend will buy a shirt if you are going to produce them.

Here is another shirt for reference
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