GOTG infinity orb used for lady's make up

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Uk cave man, May 17, 2015.

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    Just wanted to quickly share this with you all. Out with the wife (as you have to now and then) and seen this in a window display. Looks just like the guardians of the galaxy infinity orb just it had skin cream in it. Could make a easy conversion into a prop. But have no idea how much one is. Could be cheeper to get the 3d printed one.

  2. Howlrunner

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    Cool find. Looks to be between £50-£80 ($80-$125) though....
  3. CB2001

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    Good find. The fact it was a found items is not surprising to me. Various containers have been used as the bases for props. For example, for Farscape, the Peacekeeper grenades were actually casts of a Donna Karan Fuel perfume bottle that was available at the time.



    And I remember reading some users here on the RPF talking about how certain uniquely shaped pill bottles and inhalers were used for various different props as well, because their shapes often looked quite alien in appearance.
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    It's got some similarities, possibly could've been used as reference, but it's definitely not the orb

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