Got my MR Vader......


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With drool abounding while opening the massive box & freaking out thinking "it's here. it's here." the utter dissapointment is almost too much to handle.

Like the others reported, my dome did not come in it's baggie (can u believe they ship the baggy INSIDE the dome..) & u guessed it, the top is abound w/ micro scratches & a dull spot 2" in diameter.

But it gets worse, there's a gouge AND chip that's been touched up w/ a different gloss paint on the the triangular area between the nose & tusk - impossible to miss.

Not finished yet - the joint between the left cheek & triangular mouth extrusion has been puttied & then painted over.

Can someone please quickly tell me how to post pics or hoist some for me? I am gonna start taking pics in a minute.

Overall feeling: crushing :cry - to wait with baited breath to get defects @ this price level?

Calling MR right now :angry .

UPDATE: MR is sending a Fedex label for return, I've pleaded the replacement is carefully inspected prior to shipping, so far MR has been responsive & apologetic.

Let's hope this is not as widespread as it may appear...


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....*sigh*....I really hope that the issues with the Clone and Vader are isolated incidents....

You can use for image posting....they'll let you post up to 1024 KB file....which will be better for seeing the detail of the screw ups on your lid....

I'm getting VERY concerned with the quality control issues that seem to be popping up with MR's helmet line. My Vader is due in the next couple of weeks and I really don't want to be disappointed....


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What a shame man... after all the neverending wait... many of the helmets are with serious problems, after paying a lot ...

MR has no excuse at all... let´s see how the rest are...

Please, post pics...


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Dissapointing, but I'm surethey'll fix it for you - I've always gotten great customer service.


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Wow.....that's unacceptable....especially the half-a$$ed chip repair....probably done with a black magic marker.

....I would hope MR would replace the defective lids...although they may be inundated with returns if this is indicative of the helmets that are being delivered.....

....Je$u$....I didn't even notice the last pic....I guess it didn't load....those scratches make me cry. :cry, ....gettin' worried....


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This is the first we have heard about the new Vader helmet not coming 100%. However too many have comented negativley about the new line of helmets that I don't believe we can say they are "Isolated" incidents. If these problems are happening with the helmets here then they are happening everywhere else. Problem is, we know more about this stuff then the general public and they can't tell the difference.


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Wow... that's sad. Mine should be in this afternoon.

I actually had a dream last night that I openned the box to find a cheapo Don Post Stormtrooper helmet painted black. Guess that wouldn't be much worse than what you found :(


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That helmet never should have been allowed the leave their facilities in that condition. Glad to see that they are going to replace it for you, but they shouldn't have sent it out looking like that in the first place.


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I've been hearing a lot of bad things in regards to these helmets. It seems MR's quality control was lacking during the process of these things. Which is really sad due to the price tag on these items and the hassle of having to return it and wait to get a new one.
Originally posted by jedeyenight@Jan 25 2006, 05:01 PM
That really bugs me, they told me I needed to write an Email to
They said they could not help me with this over the phone?
Did they say whether you're expected to pay for the return shipping costs or whether it will be a "free post" type arrangement?




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Wow...not good... :(

The quality control issues are not looking good at all, hell the Rocketer helmets are still listed “on hold” at the MR site. This is not a cheap helmet and should have never been touched up, if it was not right then it needed to be redone completely and I can’t understand why the dome is not being wrapped, that’s just common sense.

IÂ’m sure MR will make it right but thatÂ’s not the issue, this should not happening in the first place.



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That is a shocker - sounds like MR need to tighten up on quality control.

Hope you get a pristine replacement ASAP.

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I am starting to worried about mine. :( I have ordered the dual signatures edition. With the $1500 price tag and if the helmet get to me like this, I will be really MAD.... :angry

MR, please take some serious attention to the quality control..


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That's quite disappointing - I've also got an SE that will be shipping soon. Needless to say if it looks half that bad, it's going back. Hope MR makes things right (for everybody).

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Good lord.. I have bought all of MR's LE replicas, and all the studio scales and I've never had a problem with anything from them. I am very, very glad, however, that I decided to pass on their helmets. It sounds like this entire line is suffering from some major manufacturing problems. I wonder if they're even inspecting them, or just shipping boxes as they were packaged in Asia.


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Originally posted by BingoBongo275@Jan 26 2006, 02:15 AM
Did they say whether you're expected to pay for the return shipping costs or whether it will be a "free post" type arrangement?
I believe that MR provides a label, an authorization code, or both. In any case, they pay the cost of shipping for the return and the replacement. Given their recent problems with QC, I think they'd lose a ton of business if they were burdening customers with the cost of returning defective merchandise.

I've got the double SE on order, too. Keeping my fingers crossed... :confused