Got my EFX Nautilus today!


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after what felt like years of waiting I have it and it is the greatest replica of all time and especially since I didnt have to build it, Its all I had hoped for, if I had to critique it I would say that it represent the boat as new and unweathered and theres a mold seam line here and there, other than that perfect and you probably cant build it yourself for less
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ok so some more thoughts about the boat
Packaging-huge and well protected covered with "glass" labels it arrived safely
Stand- sturdy, screws together the thumbscrews have "efx" embossd in them
size-huge-awesomely huge..size matters
paint-uniform and well done
interior highly detailed,

critiques-weathering might be nice, but I prefer my boat unweathered, if you like weathering you can do it yourself
I'd like a bigger book about the boat, well actually I'd like a 200 + page book with pictures of the movie miniatures the history and the efforts to bring this model to production, but thats probably unrealistic

if you can still get one you should do it, I think it would have taken me a year or 2 or 3 to build something like this, its the replica I always wanted but lacked the skill/time to do