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    I am in the very early stages of putting together a Gort costume for my son, accuracy is important of course but considering my son will outgrow this in less then a year, I am going to try to do this on a budget.

    My progress so far is that I found the following websites that will serve as reference:

    Gort the Suit

    While not accurate, this person managed to give me a couple of ideas:

    How to make a Gort costume

    So I purchased this helmet, will start modifying it asap to look as close to Gort's as possible:

    Vintage BELL MOTORCYCLE HELMET silver full face large 1982 | eBay

    I can sew the suit, I know it was originally a latex suit but I do not have the skill to do that, so I thought maybe I can sew something and then apply a layer of liquid latex over it, then paint it silver? I also need to get my hands on something to install in the helmet for a Death Ray. I am open to suggestions.

    Oh did I mention I plan to have this done by mid-July? :behave
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    What an awesome costume project! Looking forward to your progress!

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