Gorilla suit-ideas?


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Been lurking on the forum for quiet sometime and finally decided to join! You all are such talented creative people been kinda intimidated to jump into the conversation.
Well kinda stumped in the middle of a project and i think its time to get out of my bubble.
To make a long story short,been looking to start on a costume but wasn't sure what I wanted to make. I wanted something that was some sort of creature, something i could sculpt, cast in silicone and try my hand at punching hair. So trying to think of what I could make... Thought of a wookie but.. I am way to short (5.7") wasn't until I was watching a show about gorillas when I got the bite to make one. Figured it's a hell of a challenge but I am up to it.

So this is where I need some help. Ive been doing tons of research about gorillas and instead of just being a person in a ape suit I'd like to be a character of some kind. I thought of planet of the apes but I've already sculpted and cast the face (pics coming soon!) and it's more like a realistic gorilla then say the styled look planet of the apes has.

So pretty stumped! Any characters any one can think of? I'll be posting the face I've started already soon.

Update! With all the wonderful ideas I've been getting I've decided I am going to make a kriegaffe! From the hellboy series
Kriegaffe - Hellboy Wiki

Thank you for looking
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I can't really think of too many realistic gorillas out there, except for Gorilla Grodd and Monsieur Malla. Pretty-much just gorillas though, no real costume bits. For some inspiration, check out Rick Baker's work on The Incredible Shrinking Woman, or Kentucky Fried Movie. Also, Grande Illusions, a make-up book by Tom Savini, has some really simple instructions on hair punching Good luck!
ah yes i love Rick Bakers work! hes been a real inspiration in starting this project as well.

hmm i think the only other option i though of was the Tim Burton POTAs the movie stunk but all the designs for all the costumes and apes were pretty awesome. i guess i could try making one of the generals. where could i find some good photos?

also i finally got a chance to take a picture of the face. i basiclly sculpted a half face ( were all the fleshy parts are on the face) i then laid down some layers of Shell Shock from smooth on. i will say that this stuff is *awesome* but the trial kit doesnt contain much. i barely was able to cover the face of my mask. thankfully i had some plasti paste to back the mold to further strengthen it.
i then cast the face in layers. i wanted the nose and front to be a softer silicone so i cast it using eco-flex 0010 then the rest of it with dragon skin Q to help keep its shape. first pull came out great! but i guess the shell shock had a bunch of tiny bubbles so it looks like my gorilla has little warts everywhere. so in the process of cutting the little things off.

sadly i forgot to take pictures of the clay sculpture. i was so excited when my smooth on order arrived i just jumped right into working on the mold. if anyone is interested in seeing the mold i can take a picture of that.

so this is where i am at right now. the face is alittle distorted cause the silicone cant really hold its shape.
Oh! King kong would be a great idea. I guess I could carry aroun alittle Barbie doll lol

So currently waiting for my glass eyes to arrive from van dykes taxidermy ( got custom painted eyes) and my crown punching needles from Makeup-FX Hair Punch Needles hopefully it will all be here by Wednesday!

I'd like to add a moving jaw does any one know of any tutorials on how to do one?


How about the Kriegaffe from the Hellboy comics?

!!! Oh! That's it! Totally going to make a kriegaffe! I even have the comic with him in it I believe! Thank you so much! Now to figure out his gloves. Saves me the hassle of trying to make silicone hands.

But I also think in the near future I wanna make a mugato! He's pretty awesome! If I hadn't already spent a small fortune on black nft fur I'd have made him!

Thank you for all the help guys :D!
Congrilla? Classic character from the 40's I think. Quick idea for a functioning jaw. Walkthrough -Charizard Costume - YouTube

And another Make an Articulated Werewolf Mask - YouTube

What if you did some ape versions of pop characters ala Marvel Apes?

Oh thank you for the tutorials! I looked up congorilla, pretty cool! Never heard of him before. Sadly I bought tons of black nft fur. I should have mentioned it had to be a more traditional colored gorilla.

But I am sure I am going to go with the kriegaffe from the hellboy series, thanks to Mostly fantasy for the idea!
BTW, your height actually works in your favor for a 'rilla. A legend like Charlie Gemora was like 5'5" or so himself.

Anyway, keep us posted on your progress - recently started a gorilla project meself as well. Not a quick build like you said, but what's that one Edwin Land paraphrase again ... "Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible." ;)
Kriegaffe! Kriegaffe! Kriegaffe! I've got to see where you go with it- the face so far looks awesome! You could also have a Von Klempt head floating around....
Kriegaffe! Kriegaffe! Kriegaffe! I've got to see where you go with it- the face so far looks awesome! You could also have a Von Klempt head floating around....

I might consider a floating head in a jar to carry around with me. Though I do hate carrying stuff so might not do that.

So trying to figure out wha to do for the "gauntlets" that 3D render there pretty detailed what's that from? Video game?

I guess I could sculpt and cast the hands? I even thought of doing leather and looking for a metallic or stone dye finish but wasn't sure what would be easier. I like the way the hands look in the comic /http://images.wikia.com/hellboy/images/6/67/174751-144649-kriegsaffe_large.jpg

Maybe a hybrid of both. Plastic for the forearms and leather for the fingers.
Be prepared to be hot and miserable. I was a Gorilla man for years. Did a lot of movies and some famous commercials. Rick Baker got me some of my first jobs. It was fun though.

I still have one of the original heads from the 84 Olympics King Kong commercial.

Here's a view pics from the good old days.




Me with my wife Gilly. On the set it was summer and 105.



This is from a Teleflora spot I did with the last suit I ever built.



Bob, me and Dale Parks.

Me and Bob Burns in his Tracy suit.
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