Goodbye and thank you, Jerry Robinson

Bizarro Lois

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R.I.P.: Jerry Robinson, Joker Creator & Comics Ambassador - Comic Book Resources
Creator of the Joker, and a great artist. He will be missed.

Here is a picture of him, a print of the famous Joker card, and I at the Baltimore Comicon.


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Okay, so after a few minutes, I decided to come back. I was absolutely speechless reading the article. His abilities were beyond words, some of the most iconic images from comics came from his mind. It is a sad day.
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Probe Droid

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Same here, saw him at NYCC. It's amazing how humble and unspoiled all these old gents are who created the characters we worship. They're all slipping away a few a year and it's so sad, although it's wonderful to see them getting the recognition they so deserve.


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sad , sad day.

i am a huge batman fan and what would have may favorite batman comics been like with no joker.

RIP, jerry.
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