Good sourcebook for the beginning fiberglasser?


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Hi all.
I'm thinking of trying my hand at making fiberglass armor (custom Mandalorian) and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good sourcebook or video or anything like that? I'm going to try sculpting it in clay first, then making a mold from that and finally laying fiberglass into the mold.
Sounds easy. and maybe it is. I've just never done it before and could use some pointers. Any help would be great. I don't know what clay to use, what to make the mold out of, I'm told you have to seal the mold somehow, and I haven't got a clue if I need to use a special type of fiberglass and resin with the mold. HELP!!!!!!

Corbin Das


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TAP PLastics?Look'em up on google&call them.I think their brochures are free.They have other litterary sources as well&about various other resins&casting materials.