Good place to learn about 3d modeling? any forums?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by proboscis, Mar 22, 2012.

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    *, typo in the title, I meant 3d printing

    A lot of the prototype stuff I've dreamed of for years but never made because I'm not a machinist and I don't have the money/ambition is getting a lot closer to possible with this 3d printing stuff.

    The stuff I want to make is relatively simple, and it'd be amazing to have them in titanium.

    I want to get in on learning about this stuff before it really takes off and gets affordable, so I can really utilize it when it is...

    Anyone else feel the same way, or anyone know of good resources/galleries/forums that discuss the stuff/follow it's evolution?
  2. Scott Graham

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    I think you'd need to model it on a computer in 3D before printing. So you'd need to understand that first. That's the way I understand it. Maybe the title in the title is true. :)
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    You can learn modeling in many places. As for 3D printing, there's a few things extra you would need to know about, so it's not that complex. NetFabb is a good tool for checking things like thicknesses and if your model has any issues (holes and such).

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