Good Han Solo Costume for Halloween in Germany


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I decided that I wanna change my costume approach. I have seen so many Star Wars costumes and I think the only repeating costume should be the stormtroopers. I like what I see with the Mandalorian costumes. There more like knights. Everyone is different, but in the same aesthetic direction or space.
(Hard German accent, like Christoph Waltz)
“It’s more in the Zeitgeist, ja? Or else!”

I wanna be my own character, who is wearing kind of the some clothes, but with my little own details. What is he wearing by the way? Is it like space pilots clothes? He is a smuggler, so something like a space pirate, maybe?


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The blaster prop and belt will mostly life in my office and I think I will just hang it on my chair.

I liked the YouTube Video with Adam Savage, where they make modifications on the silver crest model and they impressed that it has details and paneling even in areas where you can’t see it. I want that for my belt, too.

For the buckles, I first just wanted to design it for stainless sheet metal in CAD, get some parts from my laser cut supplier and weld it together quickly. But my welder is broken at the moment, so I thought about good looking ways to maybe 3D print it.

I made some models and designs and came up with something I like. I combined aluminum sheet metal and stainless thumb screws with 3d PLA.




I tried some ideas:

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