Good-bye, Col. Potter


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The snippet that keeps running though my head was where his jeep got run over by a tank and he walks up to it sadly, and then, being former cavalry, shoots it!

RIP Col. Potter!



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Weird, I feel like someone I knew from my childhood has died. What
a kindred personality he was.


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I was actually looking at the cast from M*A*S*H a little while back. Some are no longer with us.

Alan (Hawkeye) Alda - 75
Wayne (Trapper) Rogers - 78
McLean (Henry Blake) Stevenson - Passed 1993 (68)
Loretta (Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan) Swit - 74
Larry (Frank Burns) Linville - Passed 1996 (60)
Gary (Radar) Burghoff - 68
Mike (BJ) Farrell - 72
Harry (Col. Potter) Morgan - Passed 2011 (96)
Jamie (Cpl. Klinger) Farr - 77
William (Father Mulcahy) Christopher - 79
David (Major Charles Emerson Winchester III) Stiers - 69
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RIP indeed. Great in Dragnet, and great in MASH (in both roles that he played - Col. Potter and General Steel.)

Goodbye, farewell, and amen.