Gonna start next year's Halloween costume, TF2 pyro


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So I'm soon to start first by building Team Fortress 2 pyro's "backburner" flamethrower. Will be all steel piping etc. Just need to source a gas pump handle!

Costume itself might be relatively straight forward, will have to source an old scuba/oxy tank, gas mask.





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So are you intending to make this fully functional? Because unless the laws have changed I am pretty sure it is perfectly legal to own a flamethrower. :love

And that would just be awesome... or tragic...


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Hahah! Love the soldier costume! As much as I could make the flamethrower fully functional, which it sort of will be (to a point) for accuracy, I will make sure there's something in place so that it can't be.

Now my son wants to do TF2 character for next Halloween too! Just not sure, he's not picked who he's gonna be yet. (spy might be easy)



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Your mention of the Spy reminds me of the funniest cosplay idea I've heard in a long time. Go to ANY Con at all, and dress as the TF2 Spy with a paper mask of whatever appropriate character for the Con. Boom, universal costuming. =0)

Note: If your son is realllllllly little, Heavy would be adorable.


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Just had a quick look, $50-$100 not too bad for an actual gas nozzle, at least I know they can be obtained. :)

Looking most likely to start the flamethrower just after Christmas/New Years. My son, he's 9 years old, I just recently built him a gaming PC so he can join me on servers in TF2. He's small for his age. Definitely not a build for a heavy! :lol Going to discuss further with him which character he likes best. Would like to see him choose his fav. Maybe Scout would work too. TF2 is such a great source for costume/weapon props!

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