Gonna start making Frenzys head from transformers


Hi all just thought I'd start a little project ( well I say little lol ) in the next couple of days I'm gonna start sculpting FRENZYS head from the first transformers, it's my first major project as I've made loads of different paper props and bits but I will keep this updated as I go along just waiting for my stuff to be delivered so wish me luck as I might need it lol plus any advise or ideas would be brilliant.


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DAAAAMMNNN!! This is one that I'd really love in my collection. Look forward to seeing your progress photos as you work your way through it......

..........and I look forward to you offering a run when you're finished!:confused:love:thumbsup


Thanks mate if it ones out ok them I might do a run of it, just collect pictures and trying to figure out what type of silver he not sure if he is Crome or not
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