GONK . . . or GNK-D2


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Ok, so I am down with a badly thrown back and pretty much immobile this week. The desire to be out in the shop building things is killing me! The list of projects I have looming out there are very long, but one of the builds that have been on my mind for the better part of two years is a Gonk build.

I will say, i am probably starting this thread a bit pre-mature, as I have been instructed by my wife to "Get that basement Project Done!" so this will have to wait. But since I am lying around like a tub of slugs waiting for my back to heal, lets just see what you guys think.

A couple of years ago I built one for the owner of our company: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=200196 I really enjoyed this build, and I got a kick out of having a working iPod and speaker on it, but I only had a week to put it together, and the final was ok, but I would really have liked to spend time getting it to light up and such.

I am going to start by saying I am a HUGE fan of the Gonk Droid, and I feel like due to his mobility there are not very many builds. I recently went to Celebration VII, and I really wished I had taken some time last year to build one to display there. But again, the mobility of the Gonk limits it. So what would happen if a person was to take the "mobility" of and Astromech, and apply it to a Gonk? Would this be too weird? What do you guys think? Having a Gonk move around in the same speed and fashion as an R2 I think would be a kick.

I was sort of inspired by the leaked images and recent details surrounding The Force Awakens. Seeing the images of the "Scavenged" planet Jakku, I started thinking. What if a scavenger found a broke down Gonk and a busted up Astromech and combined the two? Stupid?

I did a little sketch of what I am thinking of doing. I have the availability of the legs and feet now that the molds from our 2/3rd R2 Project is in full swing. So having the parts is pretty straight forward. But is it worth it?

Here is what I am thinking of doing. I would love any feed back or thoughts you all have on this.


These are some of the builds that have really inspired me. Some of my favorites anyway.

Of course there is Valor Design's Gonk, which is just great! here is a link to his collection, if you haven't seen it you need to: http://cargocollective.com/valordesign


and I recently discovered "The Droid Factory - Snow Corporation" builds that were done several years ago on the Slide Show Freaks Forum. This guy is a crazy talented artist, check out his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Snow-Corporation/161889887278934?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser
He built a ton of 1/6 Power Droid (Gonks) in what looks like 2009. These are very cool.



And this one was built by an RPF member, but the image is all I have, i don't actually know who built this . . . But its fantastic!


Anyway, thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Don't know when I will actually get to work on this, if its like my other projects then I am sure it will be a while. (unless i get really bored and distracted . . . Shhh . . . don't tell my wife:) Hope some of you found this an interesting idea.
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Re: GONK . . . Or should I say ASTRO-GNK

It only shows up on the one seen in the crawler.
It's always irritated me that everyone puts in on their droids.

Each one is different with assorted shapes, add on's and color schemes.
I'm more partial to the Lars droid.

There is at least 4 in ANH and at least 3 in the Hoth hanger in ESB.


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Re: GONK . . . Or should I say ASTRO-GNK

Yeah, I like the Lars droid too, and the one in Mos Eisley, which looks alot Like Lars. The ones on Hoth are not my favorite. Not a big fan of the pumpkin shape on the one. but thats just a personal preference. The letter on the side doesn't really bother me, but I see your point. I'll probably go with a custom anyway.

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Re: GONK . . . Or should I say ASTRO-GNK

There goes another pair of my legs, sheesh I can't make these fast enough, haha, Love the Idea, just wait until I make my AT-AT walker with R2s legs


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Re: GONK . . . Or should I say ASTRO-GNK

You should make it as a cosplay outfit!

Not sure I could make it big enough :)

I really like your design, amazing no one else came up with it yet before now.

Right? My thoughts exactly. It's different I, but seems like it could work.

- - - Updated - - -

There goes another pair of my legs, sheesh I can't make these fast enough, haha, Love the Idea, just wait until I make my AT-AT walker with R2s legs

HAHA! There you go old man! You and I will never run out of ideas for these parts!


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Re: GONK . . . Or should I say ASTRO-GNK

Ok everyone, i have started the Gonk build. I am calling it GNK-D2. I have nearly finished my HIC project for my Smugglers Room short of the electronics which i need to save my nickels for, and I honestly needed a break and try something a little different before I roll into the display cabinets and such . . . but that is another thread.

So, the Gonk. It has helped a ton that I have access to the legs, feet, etc from our 2/3rds R2 Build. They are making this alot more fun than if I had to build that from scratch too. I have found that I am going to have to build a skeleton of sorts inside the rubbermaid bins to add stability as well as mounting options for the Electronics, Speakers, Amplifier, etc. I may also have to adjust the design of the "Battery Boxes" to house the motors for the feet, but that will come after I find out what type of motors I need. Yes, I am going all out on this bad boy. I have been so excited to build a Gonk that I see no way around it. I am even going to assemble a series of servo motors to rotate, and move the eye around. Give the unit a bit of character and allow me to puppeteer it a bit more when at events with the R2 Builders club. This droid will not be stagnate by any means.

At any rate, here is the progress so far. It needs many tweaks and is far from assembled, but the overall progress after a few days is pretty cool. Hope you guys like it!







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Love it brother, gonna have to attempt one of these in the near future! Also gonna have to borrow your idea with the bins, looks fantastic.
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