Goldfinger! - Looking to ID Vintage ford radio


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Anyone out there have any familiarity with 1960s Ford AM radios? I'm trying to find the model used in this little special effects piece for a most excellent project adding some gadgets to a priceless European sports car:

The AM dial says "FORD" in the center left, and the film came out in 1965 so I imagine the date is somewhere between 1963-1965.


Supa troop

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best thing to do is to search Google for Ford Cars available in the UK during the 60s the Corsair, Anglia and Consul spring to mind for starters.

The next step would be to locate UK dealers that specialise in selling parts, Ford Restoration is pretty big here in the UK so you may get lucky

but as mentioned find out what Fords were available in the 60s and work from there, i would imagine that Radios would not have altered too much from Style to style so im betting the 3 cars ive mentioned will come up trumps for you, hope that helps