Goldberg Arms snub nose Blade Runner pistol

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Just recently completed this kit. I went for a satin stainless steel finish to contrast with the black rubber grips (which I modded slightly with the Goldberg Arms logo - they just seemed a bit too "plain" to me ;))



I also tried something that I've been pondering for some time... I tinted the clear LEDs by dipping them in Future floorwax with a couple drops of ink mixed in - purple in this case (I was thinking perhaps it could be some sort of UV type device)


And here it is with the Rick Ross PKD Snub that I did 4 years ago:

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Thanks everybody, and a definite thanks to Dave - it *is* a nice kit.

Great job! Which paints did you use and how did you apply them?
Unfortunately you can't really tell from the pics, but there are a couple different shades of silver used.

I primed it all with Gunze Sangyo "Mr. Surfacer" from Japan, applied with an airbrush.

For the main body - receiver, magazine housing, magazine, etc. - I used Krylon Dull Aluminum which I clear coated with Krylon Clear Matte finish.

For the grip frame I used Tamiya Silver Leaf (rattle can). The trigger guard and the bolt (down in the ejection port) were done with Krylon Matte Aluminum, which I discovered was neither a.) "matte" nor b.) aluminum. It looks more like "chrome" or at the very least "bright silver." I liked the look of it though, and just went with it.

The triggers were done with Testor's Model Master Buffing Metalizer, applied with an airbrush. I mixed up a custom color, using Burnt Metal, Magnesium, and a touch of Aluminum Plate.

The barrel was done with airbrushed Tamiya Flat Aluminum. And the Weaver knob on the side was done with Tamiya Bare Metal Silver (rattle can) which I discovered is *very* close to the Krylon Dull Aluminum. In the future I'd probably go with the Tamiya instead of the Krylon, as past experience has shown that the Krylon doesn't hold up to handling or masking very well, which is why I clear coat it whenever I use it.
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