Gold paint finish

Jasper hams

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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to achieve a gold paint finish like the links below:

It looks like primer > gloss black > Chrome > yellow/gold tint.

Specifically I'd like to know if anyone knows the brand's or products used. I've gotten good results for a chrom finish with Alclad gloss black primer and the moltow liquid chrome. The gold tint is a mystery though.

Thanks in advance


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The tint layer is undoubtedly a candy color. There are automotive ones, such as House of Kolor. But Tamiya also makes a very nice range of transparents that would be my first choice because they're forgiving and easy to work with. Maybe the yellow with a drop or two of red or orange would get it.

And of course the reason they're doing it that way, as most RPFers know, is that "chrome" gold paint is like the Fountain of Youth, nobody's ever found it. They're always just another grainy gold paint. :mad:


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Go to YT and type in Gold Chrome Paint Finish...there's quiet a few different ways to do it, there's even a C3PO getting golded up...most of them look pretty 'chrome gold' to me.


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The gold color is a candy coat. There are different popular chrome paints, but Alumaluster and Duralumen achieve the nicest results that I've seen. SEM and Createx are the two brands I've seen a few people use for the gold color.

There's also a process called vacuum metalizing. That is how C3PO is done. The gold would also be a tinted coat over the chrome.


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I think this has mostly been covered now but I can provide a little more information.

The best Chrome results do indeed come from Alumaluster or Duralumen but these are expensive options. The next best results come from Alclad (my choice) or maybe Spaz Stix. Moltow Chrome is incredible but can have issues with durability and requires a lot of time to fully cure.

Good options for candy coats include Tamiya clear colours or Alclad's range of paints specifically intended for candy coating.

For tutorials on how to replicate the effect you are seeing in the videos above take a look for Gordon Tarpley on Youtube. He's tested a variety of paints in his search for the perfect method to finish his C3PO costumes. If memory serves me correctly I think he eventually went with an Alclad Chrome base with a home made candy coat made from floor polish and food colouring.

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