Going to build a Terror Dog head / neck


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Hi All -

I think my next project is going to be my first scratch buld - I would like to do a 1:1 terror dog head/ neck/ chest - Like for a wall mount -Similar to this rendering I found online:


Wondering if anyone has some good first steps? Was going to make the base out of styrofoam, then use clay for the details - One thing Im wondering is, is how big the head is? Im picturing like a big St Bernard...
I painted up this one for a friend of mine:

He bought it off of ebay but the original creator is on GBFans, goes by the name of Venkman4077. My build thread is here: Zuul Head - Community - Ghostbusters Fans Forum with a link to his profile.

The thing is pretty big, bigger than a st. bernard, and I don't think it's even big enough. Check out the movie size in relation to Gozer:
Wow - Thanks for all the help so far guys -

Ya, I guess it is bigger - I have a CUJO head pull next to me and it looked the same size (related to my hand - I know.. ghetto measurement) but not it looks a lot bigger -

What would be cooler? a 1:1 head, or a version of the whole dog the size of the stop-mo model.. Im not sure which I want to do more
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