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I did not see a single Godzilla thread. Can someone with better photoshop skills create a "Godzilla Egg" sticker?
Would be fun to bring in a crate with shipping lables from Japan to a BBQ and pry the top off with a claw hammer.
Here ya go! After copious Googling, I came across a coupla pics of the Godzilla watermelon, and used those.

I don't read Japanese, so the white text either side of 'JA' says "LIVING" and "CONTAINER". The small text at the bottom reads "PRODUCT OF JAPAN". :D
Toho copyright is best-guess.

Smoothed out the donor image, but had to recreate the cityscape and text (other than that in red). Ran it through a vectoring program for a final cleanup.

Large image in PNG format attatched.

Have fun with it!


PS. Would be cool to pair it with a side of "Gamera Meat" - as every MST3K fan knows, "Gamera is really neat, he is full of turtle meat!" :wacko
Thanks guys - fun little thing to do.

You're welcome, Joeranger-san. :)

Kid2K - got ya covered, plus added a hazmat transit label too.

How are these for ya?

Had to play around with the text (Babelfish) - reads as it should on the Fragile and This Way Up labels.
Managed to use all of the pink label text.
The blue label explains how to open the crate, and not to incubate it in a built up area. :)

Included Fragile stencil too.

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