Godzilla Back in Action


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Though Godzilla didn't fare so well here on the RPF board, I did win at the Albuquerque Comic Expo

godzilla 2.jpggodzilla 3.jpggodzilla 4.jpggodzilla 5.jpggodzilla 6.jpggodzilla 7.jpg



He still needs a little work. A fan in the head Definitely helped!

And my niece also placed with her Battra build (Most Impressive) Keep in mind that all I did was block out the head and spray it grey... she did EVERYTHING else..... and she's only 11 years old. But since only 5 people knew she was Battra (and not Mothra... nor an Evil Mothra.. or a giant fly...) she is working on a real Mothra build now. We've stockpiled fur and feathered boas ..

As for me, not sure if I should rebuild Godzilla as Destroyer... or go for broke and build a proper King Ghidorah. I built him out of fabric a couple of years ago and was not so happy with it (my first full costume build ever) I have time as the June con has been cancelled, making the Halloween con in Santa Fe my next stop, and since I won free VIP passes, I definitely want to make a showing of it. Leaning towards King Ghi....

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duh duh duh.....duh duh duh......duh duuuh duuuh ...duh duh... duh duh duh duh.....

The first thing I did when I saw your thread is humming the godzilla theme from the Japanese movies.. lol...... nice outfit.....
He still needs a little work. A fan in the head Definitely helped!

I built him out of fabric a couple of years ago and was not so happy with it (my first full costume build ever).

Looking great, feel you even captured the look in the eyes.

Had a look after seeing your other thread for your next build but was just wondering if you had any more details on how you made this one? My wife is a big fan of Godzilla as well and I'm always on the look out for ideas of how to put something together for her.
Actually I'm working on a Space Godzilla build for the October con. I plan to gut the Godzilla costume for all the texturing

I have a link showing the pictures I took in stages for the Godzilla build
It was my first attempt in foam but worked pretty good.

some tips.

Buy in bulk: My local Hobby Lobby had foam in blocks and rolls. 2 rolls of 1 inch foam, 1 roll of 2 inch (for the fins) and a block of 4 inch (for the head, cut and glued) plus 3 gallons of latex housepaint and a hot glue gun probably ran me about 300,00 with everything said and done also bought me a cheap sparygun for about 45 (with all kinds of attachments) that ran off an air compressor I already owned . that cut down the paint time incredibly, well worth the purchase

line the foam: My big mistake was that I didn't glue any fabric to the foam and it kept ripping at stresspoints. ended up gluing strips of fabric in all the seams after the fact and it wasn't easy to do. In fact if you can get a basic jumpsuit pattern, you can probably use it to pattern out your foam.

another thing, paint the base foam before gluing down the texture strips. When you look at the pictures you'll see I took all my foam scraps and glued them in vertical strips to give that rough teture to his skin HOWEVER because it was glued on a white background there was a lot of white showing after I spray painted the skin. That hot glue is pretty damn strong so yeah, paint that foam dark before gluing.

get a fan: I passed out the first day at the con, even with the whole front of the next open (covered with just tulle spraypainted green) it got hot. got a battery operated fan and wired it above my head in the neck so it blew air down on me and out the front. MUCH better.

Give yourself time. Took me eight weeks with a steady hour every night and much more on the weekends, to piece him together.

I'll be posting Space Godzilla pics as I go. Currently trying to work with plexiglass for the first time to make the shoulder crystals so I can throw a light in them to get them to glow.
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