Godzilla 1998 puppet


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I know a majority of people hate this film. I love it, i have a knack for loving bad things, and the monster design should have been used for Cloverfield since that designed sucked.

however, here's a fulls size 20 inch puppet of the Godzilla from the Broderick film. From what I understand these were toys available for kids but damn this thing is very detailed. I just got it in and love it to pieces. the tail is curved so it doesn't show in the pic but wanted to give you guys a look.

I'll post some more pics of it. and yes, I have a poll stuck in it so i can display it haha.


I don't think I ever saw the puppet before. Very nice addition. I thought the movie was O.K. better if it wasn't called Godzilla though. I do like the design. The large action figure was pretty cool. Polar Lights I think was supposed to release two different plastic kits of the big guy. I would love to find a decent resin kit however.
I too tought the movie was just okay. The only thing that made ikt worth watching at all was the Godzilla design which I really like very much. I too wish there was a nice styrene kit of this subject; it's not one that gets its just due.
There is a really big resin kit of Godzilla from 1998,but I don't know if it is made anymore?It was really,really expensive.The scale was large is all I can remember.I've seen pictures of it in AFM.
That would have been Roostercat's absolutely huge bust of the Creature. It's gigantic, but oh so detailed.

There were some largish resin casts of the original Groman Polar Lights version floating around, but they are pretty rare.
that's awesome, I didnt know they made kits that large for the film. I love the design, it just says monster all over it. I hope to get my puppet airbrushed to fix the coloring in certain parts but im really happy with it. it smells funky from being boxed for so long so im going to give it a better home now.

they also have a hand sized puppet of just the head and the arms which makes sounds, that is also a nice sculpt too.
I used to have a Big Gulp cup holder that they sold at the supermarket. It was a plastic ring with a building motif on the sides with Godzilla 98 sticking his head around from the side baring his teeth. Gave it away to someone with a Beany and Ceceil puppet stuffed inside it.
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