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Hey Guys,

I worked on this Godfall build for some years ago now and have never shown the work. I got as far a making the rubber pieces for the trim... I myself think it's very cool looking. What do you guys think of the design and the original design it came from... Is their any interest in this to push me to finish the complete build??



MOs Godfall (9).jpg

MOs Godfall (10).jpg

MOs Godfall (6).jpg

MOs Godfall (12).jpg
I had to do a quick google search... I really like your design. I actually like your design better than the other (official) versions I saw. You should finish it!!
Thanks, The original is an interesting to start with.. I think if i can produce some extra fabric and theres more interest i will turn this into a full build. If anyone else in interested i have the rubber trim (large) all made up already on this one , just needs painting.
This might be of interest to you:

Those have a kryptonian look to does these:

The former I might have as a badge—the latter…living sound creatures from the Phantom Zone.

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