God Emperor Of Dune Maquette


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This is a sculpture of the half human half sandworm Leto Atredes II from the book God Emperor Of Dune. He is roughly described, but it left a lot of room for interpretation. He specifically gives his dimensions (very helpful to a modeller) as 7 meters long and 2 meters tall at his highest point. I decided to make him two inches for every meter. That makes my sculpture 14 inches long and 4 inches tall.

I sculpted him out of super sculpey and painted him with acrylic paints. I took him to a local park and got pictures of him sitting in sand to get the full effect. I'm pretty proud of how he came out. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Ornithopter-eye View
God Emperor Of Dune Maquette 1(email).jpg

God Emperor Of Dune Maquette 2 (email).jpg

God Emperor Of Dune Maquette 3 (email).jpg


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Thank you all for your comments!! I've been wanting to do this project since the first time I read the book 20 some years ago. I've re-read the description 100 times and done a bunch of sketches, but it's only in the last three weeks that I really sat down and worked on it. Once it was sculptued and painted I had to get pictures in the sand!! I'm pretty proud of it! Thank you...


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guess the ultimate purpose of this kind of work is the self teaching, gratifying or not, if you feel that have reached a new level even if small, its worth the pride :D
I like the overall figure, but maybe researching in the nature could improve your shapes, like studying caterpillars or segmented insects, for example,thus making more believable, lifelike. Dune its one of my favorite books and love the character of Leto II, congrats for the sculpture, and keep on the golden path:
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