Glue removal help


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Hey gang I'm in a bind (pun intended) but I need help

I accidently glued an led light into a resin piece now I need to remove the led

Would acetone be the right way to go about loosening the l.e.d or would that melt it?

Any suggestions?

Thanks gang
Chemicals are like keys, not hammers. The biggest baddest key won't open a lock, only the right one. You want a cyanoacrylate debonder. Acetone will damage the plastic the LED is made from.
Maintenance guy here at work said freezing with canned air or a freezer might help any truth to this?

I'm not a maintenance guy, but I'm not sure how putting it in the freezer with help. I'd be interested to see if it would work. You could always glue something else and place it in the freezer to see if it does anything.

Let us know, I'm curious now... :)
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