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    Hey everyone, thanks for helping me. I have a white faux leather Fett vest. I left it in the case after wearing it in the rain and went to pull the armor off just now. This awful adhesive from the ID velcro was behind. Question: How do I remove it without messing up the vest?
    Thanks for any help.
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    ...try rubbing alcohol....failing that - Varsol...
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    If the adhesive is pretty thick, but isnÂ’t crunchy enough to scratch off, you can rub an ice cube on it to freeze it. Then scrape off what you can. Oil can loosen dirt and sticky stuff without ruining the finish, but youÂ’ll have to rise it. (I've used baby oil on my boots, and veggie oil works too.) Test it on a hidden area first. Good luck,
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    Thanks everyone, I'll try them now.
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    At the hobby shops, there is "Goop Off" and you may use some glue remover next to the CA glue and accelerant. You may want to test on an obscure spot to make sure it does not melt the vinyl. Good luck.
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    Ahhh... Bestine. You seek Bestine. No, not the planet... the product.

    Available at hardware stores and Target stores.

    Bestine is a solvent for contact adhesive types of glue. It cuts most grease too. Takes stickers off things. Reduces rubber cement. The miracle product of the ages.

    Test it against your material first. Be certain it won't attack the vinyl. You shoul dbe able to use it just fine though... unless the glue that was on the back of the velcro has already attacked the vinyl. Check carefully before you begin.


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