Glue??!! N00b


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Hello All,

Long time lurker on the boards - Longer Comic Book/Movie fan and cosplay admirer.

I recently purchased my first Spidey suit from Zentai Zone - I am looking to do some customising with Puff Paint etc.

If this is answered else where please feel free to delete and redirect - I am looking for the best method to Glue my Front and Back spiders onto my Suit.

What would be the best glue and method (placing something in the suit behind the spider as it dries for example.

Any help is appreciated!



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Hot glue would work well, or you could try a contact adhesive like evostick, whatever you decide on a piece of card or something inside would be a good idea so the front and back dont stick together.


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AS stigmorgan said, hot glue works. But you have to take care about de high temperature to avoid damaging the suit. You also have the option of search by specific material glue, it would be better.


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I am all for doing tests on scrap material before using anything on your Spidey suit.

That said, My vote would be contact cement brushed onto both surfaces, and when dry, the two will bond permanently (and flexible)


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I would steer away from hot glue to be honest as you are putting it on to a flexible surface. Contact adhesive will work better and last longer. Barge is the mother of all contact adhesives if you are in the US, Alpha Thixofix if you are in the UK.

But as advised already, always test on some scraps.

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