GlennTech's Iron Man Mark VI foam costume


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looks good so far Glenn
are you making it out of "Foamies"?

also, what is that white stuff you brushed on the parts?


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Little word to explain why I'm sad/angry...
I've been costume builder for over a year. I used many people files and I loved them! I was so happy that those people exist and I wanted to contribute to the community. I made a small contribution with Halo (a control panel to control all kinds of electronics in your costume. I developed it with ThatDecade, don't look for it it was on the 405th. I deleted also there all my posts). I made a predator counter (on thehunterslair). And now when I rolled in the iron man costume I made the foam files based on robo's Iron Man 4/6 files. Never did someone steal, uncredited me if they used something I made.
With the iron man files someone did it.
He (let's call him S.....H) used my files, modified them to become "greener" and "smoother". He posted even a youtube video about his new release of files.
He didn't mentioned my name nor my thread while he used my files. He must not deny it because I saw some faults on various files that were exactly the same. That can't be coincidence.

Me leaving has no big impact on the community. I wasn't a big name (I don't care). I'm such a guy who says I stop driving with the car and ride with my bike to work to help save the environment. He doesn't make also a big impact in the world.
The big thing behind is principle behind it. You don't put files online and claim to be yours if they aren't yours.

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