Glass (Unbreakable Sequel) (Post-release)

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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

I hope they do make a sequel of this movie. Absolutely brilliant movie! A 'superhero' movie with a earthly realistic approach.


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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

On of my all time favorite movies. I even have a David Dunn costume in the works.


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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

Loved this film, and IMHO an underrated film. Really loved the ending. I'm scared to hope for a sequel though.


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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

Remember that Unbreakable (like all his films) is all about the twist ending. I'm not sure where you'd go from there - especially in the hands of the same director. It's like making a sequel to a Twilight Zone episode.
If MNS has more story to tell beyond this I'd definitely be interested, though.


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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

Unbreakable is one of my all time favourite movies too. And though the twist ending is neat, the movie is more substantial than that. Lot of great character moments, symbolism and that single take fight scene with the Orange Man is awesome and so is the epic score by James Newton Howard.

It's a unique take on the mythos of superheroes before superheroes became mainstream in cinema, including before non-costumed superhumans like in Heroes became famous. And there is so much more story potential in that world without necessarily losing its grounded feel nor having the need to have typical superhero costumes.
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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

Shyamalan tweeted the following and linked to that Slashfilm article and Patton responded.

MNightShyamalan: I may need to fly @ pattonoswalt out to Philly to help me crack the Unbreakable sequel. Love the enthusiasm!

pattonoswalt: .@ MNightShyamalan I wasn't f****** around in that video, Mr. Shymalan. You started a dark, epic trilogy. FINISH IT. (please?)

pattonoswalt: .@ MNightShyamalan Aaaaaand excuse the typo.


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Re: Unbreakable Sequel

Split, from what I read, doesn't have the drastic twist (aka The Six Sense, Unbreakable), but it has a twist that makes us realize the film is actually a side story that takes place in a familiar film universe we've been introduced to.

And upon hearing it, I have to say I hope more come. :D

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Wow! Did NOT see that coming!

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