Gladiator: Production used Russell Crowe Maximus bust


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Thanks to another member here, I've been able to buy this cool piece - a production used Russell Crowe lifecast from 'Gladiator'.

The COA states that this fiberglass lifecast was used during production to create the arena helmet and some facial prosthetics:


I don't own very many screen used or production used pieces from my favourite movies, so I'm really delighted to be able to add this piece to my collection.



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Nice score indeed. Looking forward to seeing what you do to make this piece really pop.

Not so much me, but rather one of our talented 1:1 sculptors...:)

There should be some good news soon for all Gladiator & lifesize bust fans. :thumbsup
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Will do Tim.

Just bear in mind that size-wise, this is going to be too small for a factory x helmet to display properly. The factory x and subsequent knock-off's are way oversized. The film used helmet was very closely fitted and the faceplate had to be put on seperately.

The lifecast is bang on to RC's head, of course, so a smaller helmet with a proper fit would display much better.

I'm guessing your sculpt is of a better size? I can give you the hat size and so on if you want to check?



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Hi Al, I talked to you about this on Twitter today (I'm @Underdog1320). I'm VERY interested in what we spoke about. And it was GREAT chatting with you today. Congrats on this find! Have a blessed week! ♥
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