Gladiator Predator


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Hey people of rpf,

Fairly new here but been following the site's fb page for a while now,I must say its one of the things I look forward to when browsing my feed.

Just wanted to share a work I did last year. Hope you guys like it.

It made from part sculpey and part sculpey firm.

20131020_160823.jpg 20131020_161140.jpg 20131203_232340.jpg 20131203_232608.jpg


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Great sculpt! Only critisism I have is that his legs needs more definition. Compared to his super cut abs the legs kinda looks like two sausages with chin guards! ;D


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thanks! I'll take note of that, still studying anatomy at the moment.

seems that I forgot to pay attention to the legs indeed hehe.

Much appreciated for the advice.
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