GLADIATOR - Maximus 1:4 statue -FINISHED pics in last post.


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This arrived yesterday:


It's a really amazing sculpt and a nice - BIG - kit. Was made in very limited numbers, so I'm happy to finally snag one.

Here's a test fit of some of the kit parts from tonight, nothing glued yet:


I'm looking forward to finishing the build-up and starting to paint! Should be a nice challenge.

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Re: Gladiator Maximus 1:4 figure kit buildup & paint

Thanks guys, today I had a few hours to clean up the parts and make a secure mounting system to keep the heads interchangable.
Re: Gladiator Maximus 1:4 figure kit buildup & paint

The kit is finally built and I'm making progress with the paintwork.

There are still more kit parts to trim, sand, prime, paint and add, but here's where I am up to as of tonight. I'm guessing it's around 70% complete at this stage:


I turned my back for a minute and the wine was gone! :confused
Re: Gladiator - Maximus 1:4 statue - buildup & paint

Thanks dude. I love your painting work so that means a lot.
Re: Gladiator - Maximus 1:4 statue - buildup & paint

That is the Dog's B****x Mate. It really looks like Ol' Russell too! Now THAT is skill!
Re: Gladiator - Maximus 1:4 statue - buildup & paint

Thanks mate!

Here are a couple more progress pics from today - still have to add the leather parts to the skirt, sword blade and paint the base, plus some fine tuning here and there - but he's almost done!



Re: Gladiator - Maximus 1:4 statue - buildup & paint

Thanks guys.

This was a really great kit, Andy Bergholtz knocked the likeness out of the ball park, which made the build and paint-up a lot easier.

I will have some finished photos up in a day or two.
Re: Gladiator - Maximus 1:4 statue -FINISHED!

I finished this up today - I decided to go with the helmetless head to recreate the final battle. I made some rose petals for the floor, added some extra blue fabric to the lower neck and made a small necklace, as Maximus wears one throughout the film.

Here's the finished piece:






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