GK Iron Man MkVI Helmet

Kevin Gossett

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So I recently got my Gemini Khan Iron Man helmet and trimmed it up, sanded, and painted:


It looks wonderful!

However, I have some "finishing" questions for you bucket pros. I have a good idea of where to install magnets for the faceplate, but what about the lower neck piece? And what is the best way to attach the magnets?

Also, the eyes. I found some semi-opaque white plastic sheeting that I will use for the lenses. Do these just get glued in place? And should I curve them to match the contour of the eyes on the inside of the faceplate, or just leave them flat and make them bigger than the eye holes so you can't see through the gaps? If that doesn't make sense, I'll take some pictures of what I'm talking about

Thanks in advance! :)
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Pannaus Props

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Re: GK Iron Man MkVI Helmet Questions

As soon as I have a little time I'll send you pics on where I put mine. They work just fine ;)
Also for the lights, I'll send you all the pics and the info ;)

Just have a little patience ;)

Kevin Gossett

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Re: GK Iron Man MkVI Helmet Questions

Annnd I'm back with another question.

Where does everyone get their LEDs from? And how many are typically used? I've seen kits range from one or two LEDs per eye all the way up to 30! Any help is appreciated :)

Kevin Gossett

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Re: GK Iron Man MkVI Helmet Questions

Well, I was able to source some LED strips at Fry's Electronics for a great price... It came with 2 strips with 24 LEDs on each strip, all strung together and even insulated for marine use. It is recommended to use 12V DC to power the strips, but I opted for a single 9V battery. Not quite as bright as with the full 12V, but they're still plenty bright!

One strip:


Lit up:


And a quick mock up inside the helmet to get the effect:


I am still playing around with how to contain the light strips... So far I have built a small box out of aluminum flashing. This holds the light strip in place very well, and also provides a bit of reflectivity to even out the light.


Once I finalize the design of the boxes, I'll glue the lights in place and wire everything up!

Kevin Gossett

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Sure! They are both Dupli-Color Perfect Match auto paints: the red is Medium Garnet Red Metallic (BGM0380), and the gold is Sunburst Gold Metallic (BFM0351), and can be found at auto parts stores


Would you be able to give a few tips on how you painted? I've used the same sunburst gold for the mask, but yours seems to be a more flat, satin look. I don't want to hijack your post, so let me know if you want me to remove this photo, but this was my result. Any ideas what I'm doing different?

Kevin Gossett

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Several light coats with a light sanding between... and then a final fine wet sanding to finish it. I haven't clear coated it yet (not sure if I'm going to)


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love the glow in the eyes. and I know what you mean when you said everybody uses different LED's and different amount of LED's. I am struggling with the same problem aswell. but you LED strip's seem very bright so I think I'll look for those here and see if they have the result I want.
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