Gizmotron 1/1000 and 1/2500 KBOP's - DONE


The first 3 photos were taken last night with the camera flash. It really affected how the color appeared.

I've been tinkering on these in my freetime the past week. Got the 1/1000 at WF and the 1/2500 a couple months ago.

These are not done yet. The 1/1000 is further along than the 1/2500, which I'm not focusing on in this post.

After priming I painted it Helo Olive Drab. I dont like the emerald green appearance of the KBOP you see in TNG, so I wanted to show it more dark and dull green. I started dark because its easier to push it lighter than the go too dark and go back in this particular case. The entire kit was sprayed with the Helo OD. Then I brushed on accent panels with British Interior Green, and then made a mix of US Olive Drab and the Interior Green to have a mid-point color, which ended up drying darker than I expected, but it altered the light refraction of the panel which was unexpected, but agreeable to me. I also added a couple of panels with F-15 Gray to mix it up. These panels were all thinned down to minimize brush strokes.

Then I did the red, and my idea was that the KBOP didn't come with the red, but rather the Captains of each individual ship would send his crew out to paint it as a fashion statement essentially. So I intentionally left brush strokes in a way that gives the impression of being painted by hand by multiple crew members. The flash really makes them pop so the effect is more pronounced in the images than in person.




True color photos post weathering no flash. Still have the piping that wraps around the bridge deck to do but its in primer, should have the 1/1000 done tomorrow.







Re: Gizmotron 1/1000 and 1/2500 KBOP's

Here are the finished builds. Geez that 1/2500 is tiny and it feels 10 times smaller when you have a brush in your hand trying to paint a tiny panel :D

While they aren't "up for sale," serious offers will be considered.

1/1000: (6.5" wide x 4.5" long)



1/2500: (2.25" wide x 1.75" long)

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