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Our exclusive early preview of The Girl with the dragon tattoo auction is up now. The Propstop​ covers movie & tv costumes and props with over 500 articles on collecting from today and yesteryear.

One of 2011’s most polarizing movies, “Girl with the Dragon tattoo” made quite an impression on its viewers.

Directed by David Fincher and starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara although the film did good business, sadly it didn’t do well enough to get the promised trilogy of films.

Unlike most Sony productions where items have come available to purchase fairly soon after production it was presumably felt that the costumes would be held back for reference work for the sequels so now 4 years on the hero pieces have finally come to the public through Blacksparrow auctions.

Fong Sam who you may know from Profiles in History and now head of Blacksparrow auctions who brought us the wonderful “Hunger games” auction in 2013 took a few minutes out of a busy schedule to run down the event.

Items will be available on Icollector and Liveauctioneers to bid on in the next few days. This pre-bidding culminates in a live auction taking place on September 12th 2015 at 10am Los Angeles time. There are just under 200 lots including props and wardrobe, many of which include tags and have been matched to the filming thanks in part Sony’s archive department which has become quite adept at maintaining only the best items according to Fong.

Some of these items will be detailed below so you can get an exclusive look into the items but it would seem nearly every costume piece is seen in the film often combined with other outfits and this makes for a great time spotting each piece at different parts of the film.

Lizbeth’s green scarf (ch 2/39)

Lisbeth grey hooded top

Motorcycle helmet worn by Lizbeth

Right now it appears most of the lots are split up into various pieces although some of them do come mostly complete. The jewelry is split and includes various pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Spiral earings worn by Lizbeth

A lot of the pieces were purchased in Europe and are high end clothing, although in the case of Lizbeth’s stuff it has been distressed per the character.

Other items include:

Costumes for Daniel Craigs character including his hero tweed wool overcoat, his basement capture costume, Stellan Skarsgards costumes, Robin Wrights eyeglasses (a personal favorite item of Fongs), Christopher Plummer wardrobe and various hand props including Lizbeths ID card, various reports and handprops including the all important archive Binders used by Lizbeth.

Fong also commented on some of the items that have been available on and mentioned that these items were basically unused alternative pieces purchased during pre-production, stunt and double pieces. All the pieces through the auction come with a COA from Blacksparrow making them far more desirable to collectors.

Here at the Propstop we are really looking forward to the listings going live and the final event which should be several hours of furious bidding. We will have more pictures of the final auction listings very soon.

Thanks to Fong Sam for taking the time to talk to us.


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i think we all saw DRAGON TATTOO- US Edition being buried in the dust cus it was dumbed down compared to the original .


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I do not like this movie. Swedish cinematography can be the better that the Hollywood one. And this despite the fact that Swedish budget is several times lower than American: $ 13 million and $ 90 million respectively. Box office success of Niels Oplev’s picture is much higher than Fincher’s.
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