Gino V2 "Bumpy" kit build...need some input

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by tubachris85x, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Got this from a fellow 501st member. He did most of the trim work and even got the primary placement of the dome/face. I've never built a TK helmet before, but I've been researching this particular helmet shortly after the acquisition. The biggest issue I'm having really is the ears in conjunction with the rest of the helmet. The ears were not really worked on which allowed me to do that part at least

    Now, considering no experience with this kind of build, I think I have a decent start. The ears fit pretty well as is with a "reasonable" gap, but I will continue to try and bring this a little closer before adding the lower bolt



    However, looking down below...I have this....


    I'm not very fond of this little gap with the helmet. I'm not entirely sure how to properly rectify this issue. I did a test fit of the weather stripping material and it doesn't seem to help the overall appearance I'm looking to replicate..

    Anyone deal with this before?

    Other thing looking at this is I think the supplied brow trim is a little to tall based on reference images...opinions?


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    Looks like a bit too much plastic has been trimmed off the bottom of the cap/back. I used to own one of these and mine didn't have that problem when I built it.
    Best thing to do there is to trim more off the bottom of the tube on the face and try and take a bit off the bottom of the ear. Take more off the rear part of the bottom of the ear than the front.
    Just trim just a little at a time and keep checking it, so you don't end up taking too much off. Use rough sandpaper for the last bit of trimming rather than a blade.
    It will be fine, that's just a 15-20 minute job to fix that.

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    I was considering something like that...just bleh, I was hoping this wouldn't be a big issue :(
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    A lot of the time when I build helmets they look like that on the bottom after a rough trim I usually trim a little off the front half to even it out and then the neck seal covers most of that .

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