Giant TimeLords are coming!!!!! My new Spirit of Light Sonic

The Next Doctor

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Ok, I saw this on eBay and decided I had to have it. I figured it was the first Sonic Screwdriver "toy" and I thought it was neat.

Anyway it arrived today and it's no moon, it's a space station. Here is a quick pic next to a Russrep Sonic.


Now I need more room on the Who shelf since I didn't know it was a bit oversized.
Might as well park that one in the garage. LOL! I remember carrying one of those to a couple conventions and feeling like a five year old with his daddy's sonic.
I didn't know it was a bit oversized.

Understatement of the year. :lol
Wow! That thing is huge! :eek (That's what she said. :behave)

I remember buying a wooden sonic screwdriver at a con back when I was a kid. I think that thing, despite being too big, was still smaller than this one.

Still, nice addition to the collection. :thumbsup
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