Giant Bats! Killer Bees! New props for Six Flags...


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Hey all,

Just posted these up on our site and figured I'd share here too.

Six Flags Over Georgia is doing a bit of a sideshow during Fright Fest this year... they had some great sort of "pun based" builds they needed done.

Rich Riley crafted a "Giant Bat!" as well as a vignette of "Giant Killer B's!"
We also did a Six Foot Man Eating Chicken (you can guess the pun there!) which we'll post on our Facebook page soon.

We had some fun with these and tried to keep things sorta light and appropriately goofy. Hope you enjoy the pics!

As always, visit our site for more Sculpture and Theme Props like these!


Killer-Bees-Six-Flags-Theme-Park-Foam-Sculpture-Props.jpg Giant-Foam-Bat-Theme-Park-Sculpture.jpg
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