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I'm pretty excited as I recently had the opportunity to score one of the screen used Baroness suits from GI Joe that I lost in auction last year! I lost all of the auctions last year (except some gloves which I sold to someone that got some of the other pieces). So I jumped on the opportunity to pick up this suit! I must admit, I was not a fan of the film but Art Andrews has been wanting to do the Storm Shadow suit from the film so I really wanted one of the Baroness suits to go with it. Besides, you can't go wrong with a black leather suit! I honestly didn't know if this would fit me as I am quite short but am thrilled as it did fit me ok! The Oakley sunglasses are the correct ones, but not screen used and I need to get some holsters and try to get guns made as it had neither. I also picked up the correct black rimmed glasses that she wore in the film (although not with this suit) as they are more iconic for the Baroness. I am also considering trying to find someone that could replace the flat sole with a wedge sole like the hero suit had as I feel it would look much better as well as give me a little added height :) So, here are some pictures of the suit on the mannequin as displayed in our house as well as a very impromptu photo I took the day it arrived during my lunch hour. I will be getting a different black wig than what I have on my mannequin to wear with this suit. Thanks for checking it out!
Wow, very lucky! I can't wait to find just the right outfit on auction to pick up. Wish that I could've grabbed the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car that went up earlier this year! Maybe something from the Avengers will tempt me to max out my credit cards!
Great piece - I remember when they orginally auctioned it. As for you being "short", Sienna Miller is no more than 5'5".

So you bought this to wear? Kudos to you then but I would be extremely careful, or try and make a replica of it, not unless you dont plan on ever getting rid of it. Itll lose value pretty quick especially if anyone finds out it was worn besides Sienna or her stunt double. Its one thing to have Starship trooper cosplayers wear screen used infrantry pieces because they're a dime a dozen, but If I recall about this suit they only had 3 stunt and one was rigged for wires. Do you know what one you got or have you been able to screen match it yet?
This one wasn't rigged for wires. Not too worry about the resale as we aren't likely to resell it anytime soon, but I appreciate the heads up.
Congrats on this acquisition and you really wear it well, Kristen!
Dont worry about you being too short you look great!
Thanks RoCKo, I appreciate it! I am pretty self conscious about my height in costumes such as these. Art does a great job of not making me look short in photos and most people are surprised to meet me in person as they always thought I was taller.
Yes! That was me losing every single one of those stinking auctions :lol But the best thing is, I paid less for this suit than what it went for in auction so that made losing it last year feel a good bit better :)
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