ghoul hunter paint up


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heres my ghoul hunter i got from uratz , the man . i probily repainted him three times just couldnt get him right this bio is so wicked i wanted a decsent paint up learned alot doing this bio, it was a great challange the sculpts amazing and organic ,but this paint up im alot more comfortable with so im gonna post him up , my camera truely doesnt do the paint up justice it just looks solid but there was alot of layering ,kinda shifts colors in the right light has a irradescent feel
wanna add some light greens and purples maybe to add that oil slick look better meh but tell me what u think



special thanks to
uratz master artist and all round good guy


Hey Man. It looks good. Probably need another go with that camera in a controlled lighting environment.


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yeah it's kinda hard to see the layers. but i can tell they are there. see if you can take a pic in daylight without the harsh dirrect light.

you should also put up pics of your Bull bio. that paint up looks cool from what i can tell.


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this looks wicked,i'll have to pick one up my self.What paints did you use? :)
i know this is kinda late ,but with the holidays and all, havent really been on the lair
thanks for your comments i use straight inks on them only , i like liquidtex professional
inks , i use rattle can primers , mix the colors i want and dry brush the layers on
then seal with a high gloss acrylic coat