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Along with Star Wars, the MCU and Ghostbusters, I've been a lifelong fan of Horror and Slasher movies. Being a 90's kid, SCREAM has reigned supreme for many many years. I've collected ghostface masks since the early 2000's, but got fully into it after Scream 4 in 2011 and I've ALWAYS wanted a good looking sparkle robe to match the originals. I wanted to get one of the 25th anniversary costumes from Fun World last halloween, but they still haven't made it down under, what I DID find last week, was some damn close looking sparkle fabric at a local fabric store. I grabbed 4.5 meters and got working.
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Looks pretty slick under a classic EU mask, I couldn't resist draping it around a foam head for effect.

I spent most of last week isolated at home as a Covid close contact, Missing my opening night SCREAM 2022 booking, so I figured I should get to work. I worked out a pattern for the sleeves and body, and just kinda used math and eyeballed the sleeve drapes. I based my overall design off the Propstore Scream 4 robe that sold a few years ago, which informed most of my choices.

thumbnail_IMG_7593.jpg thumbnail_IMG_7597.jpg

Mine differ from the Screen used costumes in that, my drapes are 2 layers. My fabric is only glittery on one side and I believe the screen used drapes are single layer and sparkle on both sides. I did a test fit of the sleeve with the drapes pinned in, and got crazy excited.

I stitched together the body panels, the front panel has velcro down to the navel for ease of wearing, and roughed out the hood. The hood has some 10mm foam in the brim, as well as a small patch of velcro for the mask. This fabric is thick enough that it doesn't need to be lined which is excellent news for me. Once i had the hood worked out, the neckline and robe neckline got pleated, and then overlocked together. I was working very quickly so I don't have pictures of this. Its just sewing.

First proper test fit with the sleeves, draped and hood attached. The bottom edge got hemmed and the vertical cuts added. At this point I was a giddy kid again.

Because I was basically winging this whole thing pattern wise, I decided to pull apart a pair of cotton gardening gloves and use those as a pattern. This was a headache but the glitter fabric is super forgiving thankfully. They got stitched together and the cuffs overlocked.
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My Donor gloves and the finished sparkle glove.


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SO, with all the hard work done my sleeve cuffs got pleated, my gloves got stitched in and my getup got done!

thumbnail_IMG_7630.jpg thumbnail_IMG_7633.jpg
Some mirror selfies for my first finished fit. I'm incredibly happy with the finished product. The drape and fit looks great, exactly what I wanted from it, The sparkle makes a huge difference.

A bit of a Costume Breakdown.
The whole getup.
thumbnail_IMG_7658.jpg thumbnail_IMG_7657.jpg
My mask I'm using is a 2017 Glow EU mask, its got a great Scream 3/Scream 4 vibe, very nice white finish and fantastic paint. You can see the small patch of velcro safetypinned to the shroud to keep the hood in place.
I'm especially proud of the gloves, They fit great and the fabric has some nice stretch.
My current boots for a "classic" look are my old ass pair of GB army boots. I've had these for like 15 years and i believe they date back to the vietnam era. They're beat to hell and look great. I've got a pair of tactical boots on their way for a proper Scream 4 look as they're much more modern.
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Finally some hand props. My buck 120 knives Both real and Resin. The real has had its edge removed as I bought it purely as a prop. I then moulded it for my resin ones. Also a bloodied voice changer, these do not work at all, but they match the film one.

I'll update this thread with some proper worn shots in the next few days, Needless to say After seeing Scream 5 on the weekend, I cannot believe that I finally have a sparkle robe, moreso that I built one from scratch.


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The glow in the dark knives are so awesome! Did you beef up the edge before molding?
Thanks! I thought they'd look great and I'm glad they turned out well. I didn't add any thickness to the blade at all, but they're cast with a rigid wire inside to keep the blade straight and prevent warping


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Thanks! I thought they'd look great and I'm glad they turned out well. I didn't add any thickness to the blade at all, but they're cast with a rigid wire inside to keep the blade straight and prevent warping

Oh nice! I just casted a Ghostface out of solid aluminum!


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