Ghostbusters Trap Pedal


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This is my 95% done trap pedal. Still missing a few details.

I do have a Proton Pack, but it's going through some upgrades at the moment. I will start another thread on that when it's more put together.

Here are some pics of my trap pedal:



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Very nice indeed. Did you use would or aluminum for the base? I have been putting one together, but holding off until I get an aluminum base to finish it.



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An aluminum base is really great, but it can be hard to find, except if you know someone that can cut one for you. My own pedal was a breeze to build because of it and can be dismantled at will; everything is bolted on in tapped holes. That reminds me that I should post pics. ;)

Nice pedal, by the way. :)


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Thanks fellas.

Yea, aluminum base pedal is hard to come by. Mine is just made from MDF, but the way I've constructed my pedal, I can take it apart. I used inserts to screw everything into, like Filandrous stated.

Overall, I'm happy with my trap pedal. It was my first prop replica I ever made.