Ghostbusters Proton Pack Bubbling Tubes of Slime


New Member
Hi all wanted to share my "unique" (maybe) idea I had for a proton pack add on with tubes of bubbling slime.




there's a video of it wired up to the pump and bubbling away on my instagram here:
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having trouble finding a pump though that isn't super loud due to the vibrations it causes, tried a couple of small 5v pumps baught from ebay and both are way to loud so if anyone has any suggestions that would be hugely appreciated.


New Member
dont know much about pumps, but maybe something for a fishtank / aquarium be small and quiet?
aquarium pumps are what im looking at but the two low voltage ones I bought are super noisy, the ones that plugin are quieter but unfortunatly carring around 240volt power supply might be an issue lol.

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