Ghostbusters Paper Props

Hotshot: I think months ago we had messaged about your recreations after you had messaged me. I didn't remember replying too in a Ghostbusters paper prop replica thread. I remember when you made and offered them. I also remember like many paper props made from members like you, people putting them on sites like eBay to profit from them. :rolleyes: I understand going back to at least near the beginning of this year why you wouldn't offer your files for free.

All: I know over this year, a ghosthead in the UK recreated the newspapers from GBs/II and has done some runs on them on Facebook. I think he did one more recently. Anyway.
All: Since the last time I was frequently active here I moved the "print is dead" or "Magazine Rack" scanned files from "Ghostbusters Firehouse" back to Ecto-Containment. They're all PDF files and for example the Electric Company GBs "issue" from September 1985 no longer have separate pages. I don't have plans to make single pages for every comic again.

All magazines, NOW comics, and gaming guides (relevant once again!) for Ghostbusters: The Video Game can be found under Print Is Dead.

Last post here in order for now.

Earlier in the life of this thread we had talked about the original Ghostbusters Fan Club from summer 1984. As this is the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters I was really happy to share this news on August 6, 2019 at GBI.

Thanks to a post on Facebook by Peter Mosen, I was able to get photos (not scans) of printed materials that would have come with a Ghostbusters official membership during the 1980s.

Peter Mosen didn't share much, however Robert Maxwell Barbieri who restored The Real Ghostbusters pilot, which Sony has on and put on the Ghostbusters 35th anniversary 4K/Blu Ray has more printed club material. Robert shared photos from his collection. With permission I put them on GBI's site to reform some semblance of the original Ghostbusters club. Robert even provided a few extra GBs paper photos from the era.

Official International Ghostbusters Club Photos GBI Blog Post: Official International Ghostbusters Club Photos

Official International Ghostbusters Club Page

Not sure if the has been shared but as I was watching Ghostbusters tonight, I noticed the magazine Janine was reading was People Weekly.


Anyways I started to dig and was able to find both back and front cover of the magazine.

Definitely a random but hey, why not? Maybe someone better than me can fix ‘em up.
AWESOME! if anyone watched the 80s special of "Josh Gates Tonight"...there's a scene where Josh Gates flips through a Rolodex of business cards...and one of the cards is the Ghostbusters business cards that I designed years ago! I was so geeked at seeing my card on TV!! He flips through the Rolodex....sees a few cards all based on 80s movie characters, and the 4th one is the card I designed years ago...and even posted them here for others to print....I knew they were floating around out there over the years, but I never expected to see one on Josh Gates' desk. *lol*


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In my opinion: no.

I really enjoyed the jurassic park, jurassic world and jaws kit. I also like the back to the future set, even if I have most of the stuff. But the ghostbusters set is is by far not as good as the other kits.

Less stuff what really appears in the movie, more fan-created stuff...

But check some unboxing videos and decide on your own. I was very disappointed after the other kits...
I'm not trying to plug the multiple Ghostbusters sites I manage. If anyone wants to bring back Ghostbusters memories or introduce young ghostheads to what (depending on your age when Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters premiered) we grew up with, the "business" site for Ghostbusters has PDF files of The Real Ghostbusters Magazine(s), an issue of The Electric Company from September 1985. Contains Ghostbusters content. And every issue of NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters comics. And just one issue of Slimer! Oh, plus a jumbo RGBs coloring book.

They're all in 'the magazine rack.'
hello, the 3 link is not working T_T

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