Limited Run Ghostbusters Jumpsuit (3 versions) by Magnoli Clothiers


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I very much disagree with your assessment that the new ripstop is inaccurate (and I say this as someone who has also experienced many problems with my orders). I thought so too at first, and I previously stated that I preferred the feel and texture of Magnoli's first ripstop fabric. However, I scrutinized pictures of the screen used fabric, and I think the new version is undeniably closer to the real thing than the first version in comparison. It turns out the screen used ripstop (shown below) was more subtle than I remember, and of course this new one has actual squares rather than rectangles.


Compared to all three Magnoli fabrics:


Perhaps I got something different from you...But I don't feel this is good enough.

I have taken a picture to replicate the screen used suit with the Ghost patch to emphasise. In person or to the touch I can barely tell this is ripstop (I've also examined in person and felt a screen used GB1 suit and the ripstop on that was more prominent to the touch and in person. I can barely tell there is a ripstop there

For some reason I can't add the picture



I scrolled through the earlier images of when these suits first started shipping….this is the suit I signed up for. This is also the suit I got in my first order but was covered in ink stains from the hose connector that I requested not be stitched on so had to send back. Thanks to that I’m left with a suit that in my opinion has an inadequate rip stop pattern. The whole purpose of these suits is to have the rip stop pattern….I would prefer to have the obvious rip stop even if it was slightly inaccurate than a suit that barely has a visible rip stop at all.

Best of luck to anybody purchasing these suits….you’ll need it


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I’ve attached the 3 images above. There is literally no tell of a ripstop fabric. Plus the suit has that horrible sheen that was present in tru specs suits back in the day.

The picture with the label shows how close it needs to be for a good quality camera to pick up the ripstop. It is not that obvious to the human eye.


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To call this new fabric ripstop is a huge stretch....Unless you really look closely you can see a really faint ripstop effect. But it's nowhere near as obvious as earlier fabrics or the screen used suits.

Also the fabric itself feel's cheap...The other suits I've got from Magnoli have felt quite strong and good quality. This feels like a cheap fabric....I would honestly rank the fabric as between the quality of fabric used on the Rothco and Tru Spec suits...

So for fabric quality and accuracy. This is a no/no.

Kudos to the people who got the first run of these and didn't have any issues because they are the only oness with accurate suits...This new fabric is not accurate in any way.

Indy seems like a decent enough bloke who did a lot to help me out with issues that occured in my first order and my second order, but these products just seem to get worse the further along production we get.

Considering I sold my Gibson & Barnes last week in prep for this coming and I don't have a flightsuit, I'm officially no longer a Ghostbuster...Unless Magnoli can go back to a more accurate version
After reading this I tried to cancel mine but I'm told it's too late as the pattern was already cut and it will be shipping next week. I'm not happy about this at all. They're selling a product that's not originally what it was and not informing anyone of the material switch.


There's been so many problems with this run it's unbelievable. The constant changing of patterns and lack of quality control.

Let me discuss my background with the suits.

Version 1 arrived in April (One of the initial suits produced). Colour was perfect, fabric felt strong and good quality, ripstop pattern was very apparent. My suit though had black what looked like ink stains across the leg, torso and back. .(I suspect that this was from the hose connector). The suit was also too big, an issue with Magnoli's confusing size chart. Magnoli agreed to remake the suit....However I had to ship the suit back to him which with 2 flightsuits to New Zealand cost £80.

Version 2 arrived in July. Colour was perfect, I felt the ripstop had changed a bit and wasn't as obvious as the earlier suit but was still pretty obvious upon inspection. However the neck on my suit had a weird stitch line that was not evident on the screen used suits or the prototype (Magnoli admitted that this was a mistake and should never have been added to the template). The suit also had the same staining issues (to a lesser degree than the version 1). Along with the stitch line and the staining issues. I complained to Magnoli and also made it clear I wasn't paying out of my pocket to send these back. Magnoli offered to send me new suits and I keep these ones. I don't like freebies so I said I would try and sell them on at a price he sells rejected stock on and send him the money so he's not completely out of pocket)...I haven't had any success on this yet but haven't circulated across the entire groups I'm on as was waiting until I got my final suit before I properly looked into selling the reject one.

My Version 3 suit arrived in September. The colour looks good...However the ripstop is virtually non existent as shown in pictures above. The fabric also has a sheen to it which I've only ever experienced in the suits sold by Tru Spec...The suit feels lighter than the previous suits and feels like a cheaper lighter fabric. It also doesn't crease or wrinkle around the body like the previous versions did. The fabric feels very thin/cheap. Not like a Nomex or a Poly/Cotton fabric that I believe the first suits were made from.

So 3 different suits with 3 different fabrics, there is no consistency to these and what was originally advertised as screen accurate close to original suits is no longer what is offered.

Here's close ups with my patches and the nametag I planned to use....These are taken very close with my phone and the camera can just about make out the pattern. I've also attached the pictures of the very first prototype of these suits, and what is now being offered is completely different


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Question for Magnoli.

Has the fabric you been using have one side with the ripstop more obvious and one side with it a bit less obvious

I noticed in the inside of my suit, the ripstop looks more noticablabe than outside (barely) Has my suit been made inside out.

Here’s a picture of the inside: and also a picture of the sleeve rolled up inside out

After working so hard to make these suits as good it’s a shame for it to fall apart especially considering someone who backed the run from day one is left without any suit


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So I have spoken to NuclearJungle and confirmed in comparison of pics and I'm fairly certain my suit has made inside out. I've turned the fabric inside out. and the ripstop is more apparent on the inside than the outside....You can actually feel the grids when running your finger over it. There is no feeling when feeling the outside of the suit I'm still not overly convinced by the new fabric but it's still there and I can see what Nuclear means, sizing on the grids it's probably the best....I think it could be better if the grids were better defined but

I'm at a loss as to how this can happen. I mean, I've had stains, I've had stitches on collars that weren't there, I didn't expect the suit to then come inside out. Am I legitimately being trolled here??

I think a frank and honest review of what constitutes Quality Control with Magnoli Clothiers I've heard of the fabric being switched with no update to customers...I've personally experienced staining on two sets of suits, incorrect stitch lines on the collar that was never on the pattern to begin with, and now this....A suit that is inside out. I get the average factory worker where these are produced probably wouldn't notice the material being inside out...It took a while for an accuracy nerd like me to notice it.

These are not cheap suits, they come at a high price point, priced At $195.00, and I believe they're marketed at people who want accuracy at whatever cost...The only higher priced option on the market is Gibson & Barnes and as they're manufactured for proper uniform use, it's not surprising why they're more expensive. When you pay a premium , you don't expect these issues to happen, you also don't expect major changes such as fabric going undocumented. Understandable, colour can differ due to the dying process...but changing the fabric without consultation or notifying customer/purchasers is shockingly bad.



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Yes, after comparing Abaka9's suit photos to my own, I definitely agree that he ended up with inside-out fabric which looks bad. That's a pretty infuriating screw up to end up with on your suit, so I hope Indy takes steps to ensure the problem isn't widespread, and everyone should carefully check both sides of their ripstop when a new suit arrives.

This is what the inside of my fabric looks like:

Compared with the outside:


Below are more pictures of screen used fabric. Like I said, I think the appearance of the latest fabric is pretty accurate if you get a correctly made suit. Unfortunately, the shop seems to be making a lot of errors, which is frustrating.



Indy Magnoli

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I'm talking to production about the fabric right now to make sure these are made with the more heavily textured side out. As for specific issues of individual orders, best to talk to Joachim (in Customer Service) directly and he'll take care of you.


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I’ve been following this thread for quite sometime. Like many of you I was excited for a well made screen accurate Ghostbusters flightsuit. I ordered the charcoal grey suit and after waiting 9 months was quite disappointed by what appears to be a 44r suit in the upper torso but at least 2 sizes smaller in the leg area. I have been informed by Magnoli clothiers that the suit is correctly measured but I cannot imagine the build you would have to have to fit into this thing. I have a 44r nomex flight suit and it fits perfectly. To exchange it for a custom sized suit will be an additional $50 but after reading all the issues many of you have had with incorrect sizing I can’t imagine dropping anymore money on this. I would have to say buyer beware to anyone considering this suit.

upper torso firs fine, gets thin in the hips and really tight in the legs

No room in the legs but the shin/calf area seems to be ok

same sized nomex for comparison, plenty of room here.

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We'll only be offering made-to-measure suits from here on out as the ready-made sizing didn't seem to work for most people. If anyone has sizing issues with their ready-made suits, send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can to sort it out for you.


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With this in mind, would it be possible to get a short visual guide on how to best take measurements, especially since the flight suits are meant to be baggy while still worn over regular clothes?

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This is the measurement guide we use for our suits:


All these measurements should be taken off an existing garment (like another jumpsuit or similar fitting jacket & pants) and NOT directly off the body. That will get you the fit you want.


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Since we’re talking patches, were the GB2 arm patches finalized? Last I remember, the test patches were using the same white wool used on the GB1 arm patches, instead of the white canvas used on the screen-used patches.

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